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product-level LCAs

A tailored tool to digitize your LCAs from cradle to grave.

A tailored tool to digitize your LCAs from cradle to grave.

A tailored tool to digitize your LCAs from cradle to grave.

A tailored tool to digitize your LCAs from cradle to grave.

  • Our Environmental scoring solution offers a user-friendly interface to manage multiple products simultaneously.
  • It enables automated scoring calculations displayed through an interactive management interface, ensuring regulatory compliance.
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  • One measurement for all your reports. Comply with regulations by measuring and reporting all your impacts.
  • Stay in line with your science-based targets, calculate your scope 3 GHG emissions, and comply with CSRD requirements.


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  • Track the entire lifecycle of your products from cradle to grave. Our digitized LCA solution allows you to make informed decisions, minimize environmental footprint, and align with global sustainability standards.
  • With 16 environmental impact categories and customizable dashboards, Peftrust provides tailored solutions for diverse brand needs, facilitating strategic footprint reduction, ensuring regulatory compliance, and transparently communicating environmental efforts to consumers.
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  • Engineered for Product Design, Sourcing and Sustainability teams, to facilitate product simulation and scenario comparison.
  •  It covers Impact contribution analysis, Products & Scenarios comparison and automated smart eco-design recommendations
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Customized features for fashion, outdoor, homegoods brands, suppliers & manufacturers.

Industry Focused

Peftrust simplifies the intricacies of LCAs, offering a user-friendly interface with powerful features tailored to the nuances of Fashion, Outdoor and Homegoods. 


We offer full flexibility and granularity. Featuring thousands of unique materials and processes, our algorithm adapts to your needs, from initial compliance to the detailed integration of your value chain.

AFNOR Verified

Ensures credibility through AFNOR Certification. Aligned with European standards (PEFCR v.1.3), ISO 14040 and 14044, and upcoming French methodology (AE-FR), Peftrust ensures compliance in calculating your eco-scores and adhering to the European Green Claims Directive 2023/0085 (COD).

Integrated & Collaborative

Our flexible API and industry partnerships allow for seamless integration. Whether with supply chain management software, traceability solutions, or through our dedicated supplier portal, we facilitate a cohesive approach to sustainability.

Scalable & Secure

We offer a scalable solution that effortlessly gathers and computes data for thousands of product references, prioritizing security and automation every step of the way. With our scheduled ISO 27001 certification, users can rest assured that data distribution and processing are safeguarded.

Unparalleled Support

We provide extensive resources, including informative videos, valuable tips, and practical tools. Our customer success team keeps you updated with our newest features, regulatory updates, and ensures you have the support you need at every step of the LCA journey.

We help our clients align impact with sustainable values.

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