Data capture

Data capture streamlines the collection process via APIs or other digital methods, ensuring efficient and accurate data gathering.

Fill in the gaps

We offer full flexibility and granularity. Our algorithm adapts to your needs and automatically fill in the gaps of missing data.

Life Cycle Assessment

Fully digitized and automated LCAs from raw materials to end-of-life for textiles, homegoods, and all the unique processes in your value chain.

PEF methodology

Aligned with the EU-endorsed PEF methodology and PEFCR apparel & footwear for cohesive and standardized impact assessments.  

Insights in real time

With Peftrust, our advanced calculation system delivers instantaneous environmental impact scores and valuable insights into your production from cradle to grave.

Granular analysis

Explore your results at the product level thanks to our interactive reports, master your hotspots and optimize the data to collect from your suppliers to improve your environmental performance.

Carbon accounting

Carry out your annual accounting of environmental impacts and generate reports compliant with the GHG Protocol, Scope 3 and CSRD. Identify the main sources of emissions and target the most effective reduction actions for optimal environmental management.


Leverage our ecodesign tool to simulate changes at various levels of precision, using heuristic and default data. Obtain instant environmental scores for each scenario, optimizing your products intuitively efficiently.


Dive into your data with our analytical dashboards, offering a cross-sectional view and clear trends. Effectively manage environmental performance at the organizational level for continuous optimization.