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I need help. Where can I get further assistance?
How much does it cost? What do "products" mean in the context of your pricing plans?
What is the link between PEF scoring, GHG Emissions Accounting and CBAM?
How is your service organized? How do you help my users make the most of the platform?
What are your Service Level Commitments?
Is your service reversible? How can I extract my data to switch to another provider?
How do you comply with GDPR and PIPL?
Will you communicate our scores to third parties?
Is my data safe? Who has access to my data?
Do you see different regulations approaching the EU level and within some member states?
Why measuring environmental scores if it is not mandatory in my region or industry?
How can I be 100% sure that my score is correct? How do you control data that goes into the calculation?
What if my processes or raw materials are outside your database? Can we add new materials to it?
We handle thousands of product references. Can Peftrust help me automate this?
Can I leverage data my organization or its suppliers have already collected?
My products often vary: how does the score keep up with product variations?
Do you work at the model, style, SKU or purchase order level?
How do I know the data I need to collect? Do you provide a list of all the data points needed to conduct a LCA?
When I need specific data about my products' composition or supply chain, which data do I use to fill the gaps?
What does PEF stand for? What does it measure? What products are covered?
How can I benchmark and improve my scores? Is ecodesign supported by your platform?
What about Product Durability? Is it considered in your assessments?
How is PEF measured? Does it consider all steps of a product’s lifecycle and impacts?
What does PEF stand for? What does it measure? What products are covered?