Why Peftrust

Peftrust is made up of a dedicated team of fashion experts, IT professionals, and LCA experts, ensuring a nuanced understanding of the fashion industry’s technical subtleties and unique requirements.

Manufacturing processes
Efficiency improvement rate by automating LCA
Active engagement

Founding member of the Technical Secretariat for PEFCR for Hardgoods. We are working directly with leaders in the LCA and the alpine hardgoods industry to craft the category rules a new and undefined category.

Dynamic platform

Central to our offering is its dynamic link between data, databases, and scoring algorithms, ensuring swift adaptability. This interconnectedness forms the foundation of a dynamic platform that delivers digitized, robust, granular, verified, and standardized impact analyses tailored for the fashion industry.

AFNOR verified

Annually verified by AFNOR for our compliance with the European PEF (Product Environmental Footprint methodology, the “PAPPERAL AND FOOTWEAR) PEFCR requirements and the communication principles defined in ISO 14026: 2017. We are the first and only in the industry to be verified in this capacity by a third party.

French "empreinte" methodology

Committed to complying and adapting our platform to comply with French “Empreinte” methodology upon publication of the environmental labelling decree.

At Peftrust, our mission is to equip medium—to large-size fashion groups with precise digital assessments and analyses of their product’s environmental impact throughout their life cycles.

We achieve this by integrating our expertise in software development and life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies and databases into a resilient Product lifecycle management software system tailored to the needs of the fashion industry’s most discerning leaders.

Utilizing our deep understanding of the fashion sector, our automated LCA engine efficiently processes numerous categories and evaluates vast numbers of references, offering an expert eco-design platform for Sustainability and Product teams to achieve environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), CSRD reporting, and carbon accounting.

Our solution provides clients with a user-friendly interface capable of managing tens of thousands of scored products within the tool, enabling automated PEF and French scoring calculations presented through a robust and interactive management interface.

Established in 2021 and experiencing rapid growth since commercialization in 2023, Peftrust has emerged as the benchmark for expert and customized Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solutions in the fashion industry. Operating from offices in France and Austria, our Customer Success team provides continuous support to our worldwide clientele, including brands, suppliers, and manufacturers.

With a broad global network of strategic partnerships, alongside collaborations with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain partners, we provide comprehensive support throughout and beyond the product lifecycle. Our focus is specifically on serving major players in the fashion sector.


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