PEFtrust 2023: A Year of Innovating Fashion with Digitized LCAs

Transforming the Fashion Landscape with Digital LCA Advancements

In 2022, we introduced our digitized Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) solution to the global stage. This innovation began to transformed the traditional analogue process, enabling stakeholders in fashion, home, and outdoor sectors to calculate their products’ environmental footprint rapidly.

The result? the road towards standardized A-E Eco-scores (click to download our Eco-score Whitepaper), purpose-driven Eco-designs, and detailed environmental reporting mark a significant leap towards aligning industry practices with sustainable values. 

Let’s talk numbers. In 2023, PEFtrust expanded its presence to multiple countries, from fashion hubs in France, Germany, and Italy to the vast US, China, and Vietnam markets.

With a consistent 20% monthly growth, our team of 12 experts in LCAs, IT, customer support, and various strategic interoperable partnerships in Europe showcases our commitment and influence in the sector. 

Some of our key developments in 2023 address the prevalent questions in the current landscape. 

Like our flexible API, adaptability is at the core of what we do. While our development roadmap is projected through 2025, the dynamic landscape of 2023 prompted us to adapt.

This year, we’ve bolstered our offerings with added features, ensuring our support remains efficient and responsive to diverse client requirements. Here are just some of them: 

With its interactive data checklist, the DPR allows brands to test and gain real-time insights into the most influential data to enhance the accuracy of their product Ecoscore. The goal of this tool is to truly pinpoint what data is needed to improve the product score, saving time from collecting data that may either be unbeneficial or tricky to track down in the supply chain.

This feature allows brands to evaluate the individual environmental monetary cost of a product, whether on a per-unit basis or across the entire production scale. The information provided will help answer the question: “How much does the environmental damage caused by the production of my product cost me?. It aids Financial and Accounting Teams in integrating environmental costs into reports and guides Product Design and Sustainability Teams in making eco-friendly decisions based on the environmental impact’s proportion to product costs.

In a world where traceability and LCA converge, brands need a robust data acquisition strategy.

At PEFtrust, we are working to streamline this process by prioritizing interoperability with partner traceability and PLM solutions. This ongoing integration enables brands to automate and enhance their product evaluations with precise data from all their supplier tiers.

👉🏼 Read about one example of that, here.

Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our continued adoption of the PEF method as the foundation of our environmental footprint calculation process.

In 2023, our alignment with the rules of application of the PEF method earned us the distinction of being verified by AFNOR to use this reference framework and category rules. This ensures compliance with the globally-reaching EU regulations, making us a verifiably reliable choice for impact calculation. 

PEFtrust is not just about fashion; it’s about fostering sustainability across industries.

In 2023, we joined the EU Technical Secretariat to develop the hard goods category rules in the PEF methodology alongside PolicyHub and leaders in the LCA and Wintersports sector, signalling a move towards expanding environmental footprint calculations to the winter sports sector.

Read about where we all convened for our first in-person meeting, here.

As 2023 draws to a close, we celebrate a year of maturity for PEFtrust and the industry as a whole. Stakeholders are no longer merely discussing effective LCA; they are actively seeking solutions and transitioning from dialogue to concrete actions. 

Schedule a meeting with our teams to explore how PEFtrust can support you in evaluating and improving your environmental footprint. The journey towards a sustainable future begins with decisive actions, and PEFtrust is here to guide you every step of the way.