16 environmental impact categories

This is the core module. Conducts comprehensive life cycle assessment calculations in bulk across 16 environmental impact categories at the PO level for all product and intermediate categories, according to the PEF LCA methodology guidelines and associated databases.


Go beyond carbon and compare your product’s environmental performance against market benchmarks through eco-scores and all 16 diverse impact categories.  

High-frequency LCA engine

Peftrust is the most accurate and flexible high-frequency LCA engine for apparel, footwear, leather goods, accessories, and hard goods in the Fashion space

Eco-Scores and Digital Passports

This module facilitates compliance with environmental labeling regulations, leveraging users’ LCA outcomes to generate Eco-Scores in European and French formats, along with digital product passports, widgets, and scorecards.

AFNOR Verified and aligned with PEFCR

Peftrust is third-party verified by AFNOR Certification aligning with PEFCR and ISO 14026: 2017 for environmental labelling and declarations.

Comply with Regulations in EU-27

Peftrust ensures alignment with the latest regulations governing consumer product environmental labeling in France, Europe, and any relevant forthcoming local legislation.

Consolidated KPI

All product-level data is aggregated to generate higher-level consolidated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This enables monitoring of the overall impact of the product portfolio and facilitates the calculation of Scope 3 impacts at the organizational level.

CSR Reporting

Monitor and report environmental performance. Be compliant with environmental transparency regulations such as GHG Protocol, Scope 3, and CSRD.

Impact Metrics

This approach not only ensures the use of legally sound and science-based measurements but also inspires brands to fulfil their CSR reporting obligations with confidence and precision.

Real-time product LCA Simulations

Constructed for Product Designers and Sourcing Teams, the Peftrust Eco-Design module enables users to conduct real-time product LCA simulations. It allows for the comparison of limitless combinations of materials, processes, and supply chain scenarios.

Various scenarios

Every combination within the module can be benchmarked against a set reference, such as a product from a previous season. Additionally, users can compare various scenarios, such as Recycled vs. Conventional, Asia vs. Europe, or Conventional vs. Organic.

Minimise the footprint

With this pioneering real-time LCA tool at their disposal, product managers can confidently make optimal and resilient decisions to minimise the footprint of their upcoming collections.