In Europe

True to its name, Peftrust is deeply committed to upholding the European Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology and complying with the regulatory framework regarding Green Claims. From the outset, we have ensured that our LCA algorithm and databases strictly conform to the standardized guidelines of the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) for Apparel & Footwear.


Moreover, our platform undergoes rigorous annual third-party verification conducted by AFNOR Certification. This verification confirms our alignment with both the PEFCR and ISO 14026:2017 standards, ensuring the highest level of credibility and reliability.


Additionally, Peftrust platform is SBTi and GHG Protocol compliant for Scope 3 product emissions.
As the PEFCR provided the foundation layer upon which the French regulation – and any forthcoming environmental labelling regulation within the EU – is being built upon, Peftrust was able to translate PEF scores swiftly and smoothly into the new French Eco-Score format, under the Climate & Resilience law for Apparel.


Since March 2024, Users can hence enjoy simultaneous PEF and French scoring in Peftrust. As such, our annual audit by AFNOR Certification will be extended to the French scoring by end 2024, ensuring third-party verified compliance with the French regulation.